Sunday, July 1, 2012

Radio Show about Opp, Alabama's "Rattlesnake Rodeo"

Last night, Michael Crabtree, who hosts a reptile related radio show, invited me to converse with himself and Randy "Ransnakeman" Jones about the events that took place in Opp, Alabama during what they call their "Rattlesnake Rodeo". This is one of the last remaining rattlesnake festivals in the East where the rattlesnakes are still mistreated and killed. Randy attended and has quite a story to tell. So listen in on this podcast and you'll find out some gruesome facts that have remained elusive for years. Ransnake at the Roundup There are only two lethal rattlesnake festivals left in the East and Opp, Alabama is one of them. Given that there have been so many outright lies propagated by the organizers of this "Rodeo" about regulations, mistreatment, and even killing indicates that they are aware how showcasing animal abuse in the same manner as roundups in Texas and Oklahoma would cast them in a very negative light. This could actually work towards the advantage of reform. The biggest obstacle would be the leather contractors that the town is currently obligated towards. The listing of the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake as an endangered species would certainly end the "Rodeo" in its current form and perhaps then they would be open to suggestions.

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