Tuesday, December 13, 2011

People of the Response, not the Reaction.

My name is Ray Autry and I have dedicated the last 5 years of my life to fighting for reform in the area of rattlesnake roundups. I appreciate the efforts of everyone who has helped in this cause but as we approach the spring hunting season in Oklahoma I am asking people to participate in contacting state officials and letting them know that the limits placed on Crotalus sp. in Oklahoma are unsustainable.

I urge us all to respond, and not react in our dealings with officials and those in charge of roundups. We must be factual and calm in our response. I am already aware of the fact that we are being stereotyped as "animal rights activists" by those who support the massive slaughter of these awesome reptiles. When contacting those who have the power to reform roundups and make them more ecologically sound, we must be armed with the facts regarding roundups based on our own observations and previous studies. If you want to help reform rattlesnake roundups, it's worth your time to do some extra research and know the facts regarding them. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  1. We must be prepared to combat ignorance that we encounter with patience. We must expect people to call us names and hurl insults but we must always remain calm. Although it does not happen often, people can be convinced that snakes are worthy of existence and some may even overcome their fear and hatred.

    Dealing with someone who is myopic about and opposed to wildlife conservation in a cool and polite manner may be frustrating but in the end it is worth the results.